Justice Seminar Syllabus

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PPE Colloquium

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PPE Approved Electives

PPE Electives for Fall, 2017


ECON30010   Intermediate Micro Theory (Feng, Gresik)

ECON30020   Intermediate Macro Theory (Bachmann, Pries)

ECON30330   Statistics for Economics (Esfahani)

ECON33150   Econometrics (Bertanha, Lee)

ECON30401   Economics of Education (Gibbs)

ECON33400   Poverty in the Developing World (Donovan)

ECON30856   Economics of Global Health

ECON33420   Employee Relations Law (Leahy)

ECON33562   Entitlement Reform: Social Security (Betson)

ECON40045   Decision Theory

ECON40355   Financial Economics (Pries)

ECON40356   Asset Pricing Theory (Feng)

ECON40364   Monetary Theory and Policy (Fuerst)

ECON40365   Monetary Policy and Financial Markets (Baumeister)

ECON40580   Economics of Industrial Organization (Thurk)

ECON40710   International Trade (Gervais)

ECON40750   Economics of China (Nelson)

ECON43025   International Macroeconomics (Strangebye)

ECON43260   Political Economy of Development (Iyer)



PHIL30301     Ancient & Medieval Philosophy (Cross Dumont)

PHIL30302     History of Modern Philosophy (Newlands)

PHIL30313     Formal Logic (Franks)

PHIL43117     Plato’s Images of Love and Death (O’Connor)

PHIL43130     Classical Islamic Philosophy

PHIL43141     The Quest for Beauty (Gersh)

PHIL43166     Aquinas on Faith (O’Callaghan)

PHIL43180     Hume (Joy)

PHIL43205     Existentialism: Philosophy and Literature (Jech)

PHIL43220     History of 19th Century Philosophy (Rush)

PHIL43333     Philosophy and Film (Rush)

PHIL43335     Metaethics: Truth in Ethics (Nolan)

PHIL43501     Metaphysics (Shields)

PHIL43907     Intermediate Logic (Bays)


Political Science

POLS30003    After the Election: First 100 Days (Hollibaugh)

POLS30029    American Public Opinion and Voting Behavior (Layman)

POLS30047    The Policy-Making Process (Ramirez)

POLS30068    Topics in Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (Hall)  

POLS30136    Latinos in the Future of America (Fraga)

POLS30154    Education, Law, and Policy (Schoenig)         

POLS30157    Healthcare and the Poor (Betson)   

POLS30201    U.S. Foreign Policy (Boehlefeld)  

POLS30203    On War (Rosato)        

POLS30220    International Law (Powell)     

POLS30363    Introduction to International Development Studies (Dowd)   

POLS30406    Elections and Social Protest in Latin America (Trejo)

POLS30441    Middle East Politics (Hoffman)         

POLS30453    Globalization in Africa (Bleck)   

POLS3057      Introduction to Modern African Politics (Dowd)  

POLS30475    Contemporary India (Dutt)

POLS30476    Political Movements in Asia (Hui)

POLS30502    Data Analysis for Human Rights (Trejo)

POLS30661    Constitutionalism, Law, and Politics (Munoz)

POLS30663    The American Regime (Deneen)

POLS30740    Political Theory and Feminist Critique (Cross)

POLS30770    Utopian and Dystopian Literature and Politics (Roberts)

POLS30771    Catholic Social Thought (Smart)

POLS30772    Radical Islam and Islamic Thought (Hoipkemier)

POLS30805    How to Do Political Research (Rosato)


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