The minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is designed for students with serious interests at the intersection of political theory, political philosophy, and economic theory. Its aim is to help students acquire some fluency in each of the disciplines, and to provide a forum where all three disciplines can be brought to bear on problems which are common or complementary. PPE emphasizes the development of the analytic skills exercised in close reading, cogent writing and clear oral expression. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in undergraduate research and to write senior theses. A high percentage of PPE graduates pursue advanced degrees.

The PPE minor is 15 credits, including the 3-credit Justice Seminar, which is the core course of the minor and is required of all concentrators. The minor is open by application only; any student who wishes to take the Justice Seminar must complete the application for the minor. Most of the students who are granted admission to the PPE minor are majors in Philosophy, Political Science or Economics and the vast majority granted admission to the Seminar are PPE-intents. But first-years, sophomores and juniors from across the University are welcome to submit applications, regardless of their majors. Both PPE and the Justice Seminar are highly selective: approximately 18 students are accepted per year.


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