The P.P.E. curriculum consists of 15 credit hours usually distributed over four semesters, as follows:

  • The Justice Seminar (cross-listed in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics), an intensive 3-credit hour seminar that is the gateway to the minor, taken in the fall semester of sophomore or junior year. (3 credit-hours)
  • Three 1-credit PPE Colloquia, each devoted either to the critical reading and discussion of one or two major works or to a group project on some contemporary issue(s). The colloquia are normally taken in the three semesters following the Justice Seminar. Special arrangements can sometimes be made for students who wish to participate in a colloquium while studying abroad. (3 credit-hours in toto)
  • Three approved 3-credit courses from the two fields outside the student’s first major, with at least one course in both non-major fields. (9 credit-hours in toto)

    Total credit-hours: 15

P.P.E. students are also encouraged (but not required) to write senior theses in their majors that reflect the interdisciplinary focus of the program.

Two informational meetings about the PPE minor are held each academic year, one in mid-November and the other in late March.  This spring, the informational meeting will probably be held sometime in the week of March 18.  Applications for the minor and for the Justice Seminar are due by April 4.  Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the Program in time to DART into the appropriate fall classes. 

The spring 2018 PPE application is here