Justice Seminar Syllabus

A typical syllabus for the Justice Seminar can be found here

PPE Colloquium

The colloquium for Fall, 2019 - which will carry the course number PPE 43101 -- will be offered by Professor Vicki Toumayan on Wednesdays s at 5 PM.

PPE Approved Electives

PPE Electives for Fall, 2019

Economics Family

All 30000, 40000, and 60000 level ECON courses


POLS30142    Philanthropy: Society & Common Good

POLS30271    Political Economy of International Development

POLS30363    Introduction to International Development Studies

POLS53001    Political Economy of Globalization


FIN40690: Behavioral Finance - First preference for seats in this course is given to Finance majors, so Finance majors who are in PPE should be able to register for it if they wish.  They may count the course toward the PPE minor if they are not counting it toward their major.  PPE students who are not majoring in Finance may check for available seats in the course after registration is complete.  If they are able to get into the class at that time, they may take it for credit toward the minor.



Philosophy Family

PHIL30301     Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

PHIL30302     History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL30313     Formal Logic

PHIL30329     Philosophy, Science, and Math

PHIL43101     Plato

PHIL43138     Dante and Aristotle

PHIL43187     Nietzsche

PHIL43314     Abortion, Euthanasia and Capital Punishment

PHIL43318     Philosophy, Gender and Feminism

PHIL43336     Contemporary Ethics

PHIL43431     Politics and Conscience

PHIL43501     Metaphysics   

PHIL43606     Epistemology

PHIL43723     Philosophy of Physics

PHIL43724     Technology and Human Persons

PHIL43902     Philosophy of Language        

PHIL43907     Intermediate Logic


Political Science Family

All 30000, 40000, and 50000 level POLS courses


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