Justice Seminar Syllabus

A typical syllabus for the Justice Seminar can be found here

PPE Colloquium

The Colloquium for Fall, 2024 which carries the course number PPE 43101-01, will be offered by Professor Paul Weithman of the Philosophy Department.  The colloquium will work through the very interesting collection Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy. It is now scheduled to meet Mondays at 3:30 in De Bartolo 336.

PPE Approved Electives for Fall, 2023

Economics Family

All 30000- , 40000-, and 60000-level ECON courses.  Consider especially ECON 30200/MPPE 30200: Law and Economics, which has dedicated PPE seats.


Courses in the Economics Family in the Political Science Department are:

  • POLS 30364: States, Markets & Development
  • POLS 30470: Global Asia: Political, Economic, and Social Transformation
  • POLS 30553: The Political Economy of East Asian Development

Philosophy Family

All 30000- and 40000-level PHIL courses


Political Science Family

All 30000-, 40000-, and 50000-level POLS courses