Justice Seminar Syllabus

A typical syllabus for the Justice Seminar can be found here

PPE Colloquium

The colloquium for Fall, 2017 -- "Religion and the Constitution" -- will be offered by Professor Richard Garnett of the Notre Dame Law School

PPE Approved Electives

NB: The courses listed here are all undergraduate level courses. You may take a graduate level course in Economics, Philosophy, or Political Science, with the instructor’s and departmental permission as needed, and count it as PPE elective. Please inform the PPE director if you are admitted to one of these courses and wish to count it towards the PPE minor.

PPE Electives for Fall, 2017


ECON30010   Intermediate Micro Theory

ECON30020   Intermediate Macro Theory

ECON30330   Statistics for Economics

ECON30331   Econometrics

ECON30401   Economics of Education

ECON30541   Public Economics

ECON33150   Intro to Economics and Catholic Social Thought

ECON33201   Topics in Political Economy

ECON 33561  Tax Reform

ECON40040   Market Design

ECON40045   Decision Theory

ECON40354   Financial Economics  

ECON40050   Game Theory

ECON40060   Advanced Microeconomics Theory

ECON40354   Financial Economics

ECON40364   Monetary Theory and Policy

ECON40562   Taxation in a Global Economy

ECON40710   International Trade

ECON43402   Advanced Topics in Economics of Education

ECON43410   Labor Law      

ECON43420   Economics of Inequality         



PHIL30301     Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

PHIL30302     History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL30305     Philosophy as a Way of Life

PHIL30313     Formal Logic

PHIL30329     Philosophy, Science, and Math

PHIL43308     Environmental Justice

PHIL43323     The Demands of Morality

PHIL43336     Contemporary Ethics

PHIL43441     Classical Political Philosophy

PHIL43501     Metaphysics

PHIL43708     Biomedical Ethics, Scientific Evidence, and Public Health Risk

PHIL43717     Forbidden Knowledge

PHIL43820     Contemporary Christian Philosophy  

PHIL43907     Intermediate Logic

PHIL43922     Topics in Mathematical Logic


Political Science

All 30000, 40000, and 50000 level POLS courses


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